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David kindly looks after our Uniform needs.

David is available most Monday nights, at our training hub between 6.15pm and 8.00pm, ready to help with orders.

Alternatively use the below form to send a message.

Training uniform, Game uniform & hoodie

    2022 Price List

    Game Day Dress$60
    Training Shorts$45
    Training T-shirt$40

    On game day, all players are required to wear the club uniform. Players not in uniform are unable to take to the court. Any clothing worn under the uniform must be navy.

    Expectations of Players

    • Arrive prior to training start time (allowing time to walk from carpark to courts)
    • Arrive 20 minutes before game time for warm up
    • Club uniform to be worn on game day along with appropriate shoes (suitable for netball)
    • No jewellery or watches to be worn on game day
    • Fingernails to be cut short
    • Hair must be tied back
    • Players to bring labelled drink bottle to training and games
    • Attend all training and games
    • If not attending notify their Team Manager or Coach at the earliest possible opportunity